Questions to ask yourself to increase your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneuer

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Leaving your 9 to 5 to start your journey as an online entrepreneur can be a very exciting idea but when it comes to actually taking the leap, it becomes a whole new story.

How do you leave your job? When do you leave your job? How can ensure that you’ll be successful? What do you do first? What do you need to learn first? These questions and so many more are probably running through your mind and leaving you overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Now you feel stuck in your 9 to 5, you want to start something new but you…

It was for me and it can be for you

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I am who I am is because someone taught me what they knew.

-You can make a living (and a difference) doing it too

Subtitle: It certainly was for me

I spent eighteen years in the forest of traditional schooling. Seven years in primary school. Another seven years in secondary school (high school?), then onto four more years of learning at Morehouse College.

I remember when I graduated from college thinking, “Finally! I can stop learning and start earning.”

Boy was I wrong.

I spent the first decade of my…

Focus on who you’re being before what you’re doing

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When I first started my journey as an entrepreneur I spent most of my time researching and learning all the ‘best ways’ to do this and that. I tried my best to find great blueprints, tips, hacks.

Figuring out HOW TO was my mission. How to start a business online. How to start a podcast. How to be a coach. How to grow an email list. How to get more Instagram followers. How to be successful. How to make money.

If you were writing an article or making a video and…

#4 A Working Internet Connection

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Very often when we think about something we would like to achieve, we imagine the final outcome. Winning the state championship. Marrying the man of your dreams. Having a successful business online.

The final goal seems so big in our minds that we tell ourselves it’s going to require something really big to get there. And we don’t have anything that big.

So we pass on our dreams. Put it back on its shelf so we can dream about it another day.

There are really only three things that we need to do as entrepreneurs…

Think again.

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A few months ago, I met with a potential client. She had recently been laid off from her job as a graphic designer at a local advertising agency. Instead of looking for a new job, she decided she would venture out on her own.

She was really nervous but definitely excited. She had so many ideas for ways she could help her ideal client and so many things she wanted to share with other aspiring graphic designers.

I was excited for her too. She was really talented and had a great portfolio of work. By all accounts, she seemed diligent…

They might just be part of what makes you captivating

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Have you ever considered that maybe your perceived weaknesses or flaws are actually the things that make you special and unique?

What if those very traits are not things to fix, but are the keys to us standing out and growing our audience and influence.

Instead of hiding the aspects of ourselves that make others uncomfortable, why not lean into them and let them shine.

Story Time

I had a client. Let’s call her Jane. By all accounts, Jane was a successful professional with a bright future. Jane would best be described as fun and light-hearted.

There was a point in Jane’s…

Use them to eliminate confusion for yourself and your customers

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When I started my coaching business, I had a pretty good general idea about what I wanted to do. So I took that and ran with it.

I started to build out all the things a good business would need. A website, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, an Instagram account. I was ready for the inquiries to start pouring in.

But they didn’t.

People weren’t following in the droves I was expecting, and even worse, a bunch of people who followed me soon began to unfollow me!

I was also having a hard time with my content. There was…

Make sure you take the time to get it

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One day, somewhere in the world, a horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road.

It seemed as though the man riding the horse had somewhere important to go.

Another man, who was standing alongside the road, shouted, “Where are you going?” and the man on the horse replied,

“I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

The guy on the horse? That’s us. We don’t have the necessary clarity on where we want to go, so we end up going where the horse takes us. Who’s the horse? Trends, fads, family, friends…

It will determine so much of your life.

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As an entrepreneur or working professional, developing a personal brand can and will have a significant impact on your business or career.

You see, there’s a really strong relationship between what you get in life and what you’re known for in life.

If you ask yourself the question, “What are you known for?” and your answer is “nothing,” it probably means that that’s what you’re gonna get from others. Nothing.

Not nothing in general, just nothing of what you really want from life.

Personal Branding allows you to create a story about…

Focus instead on your compass

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Go Fetch The Moon

There was once a very old and wise businessman who most considered to have been very successful in life. He seemed always happy and wanted for nothing financially. He had started and run several successful businesses, traveled the world and had a very happy family with whom he was able to spend lots of time.

One evening, his protégé came to his house to talk with the wise old man who was out in his yard playing with his dog.

“Sir,” said the young protégé, “Once again, I’m begging you to give me the roadmap to the kind of success…

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I help people like you turn your knowledge, experience, and passions into a profitable online coaching business.

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